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News Feed January 20th, 2018
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6 Linked-In Secrets For Freelance Designers
Here are 6 secret tips for using Linked-in for freelance designers. LinkedIn is now considered the pace to be for the busy professional. As times change, Facebook is considered the “Nuts” of the social media world whereas LinkedIn is considered to be more like “Esquire.” There is a wealth of opportunities to be had on this free networking platform, and better still you don’t have to navigate your way around jobless teenagers that have nothing better to do.

1. Start with what you know

To begin make sure you fill your profile with every possible detail. Leave no margin for error and see your profile as a tool to sell yourself. It should be as interesting and varied as your homepage for your website, inviting people to want to know more whilst enticing them to use your services.

Connect with those from your previous job, and ask them for recommendations. The more connections you have the more likely you are to reach those who will require your services.

2. Upload a Portfolio
LinkedIn uses a facility where you can upload your own portfolio. This should be taken advantage of. You can showcase your skills for free, letting every potential client know what a superstar web designer you are.

3. Use Meta Tags
On your profile there’s an opportunity to use Meta tags, pick ones relevant to you such as affordable web design, good web design or small business web design. This will enable you to show up in searches when people browse LinkedIn for freelancers. It will also help with your rankings on Google.

4. Join Groups
LinkedIn has many groups in the freelance web design category. Taking an active part will secure your name as a freelance web designer. Many clients will use these groups to post jobs or seek out new talent, so by staying actively involved you can ensure you’re the first to know whenever someone searches for a freelance web designer.

5. Quality not Quantity
Many budding freelancers think it’s enough to email every LinkedIn connection they have on a regular basis with generic news about their new projects and business. This only serves to infuriate connections and those on the receiving end will delete those who send spam in this way. Quality is the key to using Linked in. Relevant status updates along with good recommendations will make you stand out, not barrages of emails that will be deleted without ever seeing the light of day.

6. Add Clients
When you do have a new client, or you bid on a new job, find them on LinkedIn. Make a request to add them to your network as if they accept they’ll be able to see your portfolio and any testimonials you have. When work is completed you can then ask for a recommendation, and be sure to return the favour, as your clients are business people too and will appreciate the social media boost.
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