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7 Common Secrets of Successful Freelance designers
How do you know if you are freelance material. It's definitely not for everyone. Successful freelancers must have a wide variety of skills including confidence, motivation, self reliance, discipline and tenacity.

It's not essential to start with all of these characteristics and the good news is they can be acquired throughout your journey. Be patient and follow our step by step guide and we help you take control of your work, find creative freedom by achieving these essential skills.


There may be many reasons why you may have decided to go freelance but one of the most important things is to have is a love design and creativity. A successful freelancer is passionate about his art and seeks inspiration to fuel to it. 


Maintaining a vision of who you are and what you want from your freelance business helps you maintain focus. Vision will give you the creative edge on your competition and keep your clients coming back for more. Decide on your vision for each project and offer this to each client in your proposal (covered later in this course).


Prepare yourself for success..Like anything else in life, your confidence will improve with practice. A great opportunity to do this is when you meet new people. Just like if you were the new kid in school, they have no idea who you are—meaning you have an opportunity to show them. Now try the same technique with new or potential clients and see instant results. Remember confidence breeds confidence and your clients will see it as a sign of your success and want to be associated with it.


A picture tells a 1000 words - well almost. Often being a freelance designer is more like  10% visuals and 90% communication. When it comes to working with your client it's vital you express your vision verbally and through your written proposal. This communication builds understanding and trust which in turn will help your client 'buy into' your vision. If 'creativity' is the fuel that drives your project then 'communication' are your wheels.

Thick Skin

Through your career you will meet many types of clients. Some projects may work brilliantly and some less so. Throughout this journey Its important to protect yourself. The best way to do this is to recognise that you will face adversity and sometime hear things you doing agree with. Some client may bring more than opinion to your door. My advice is make sure you have built up resilience. Often much negative energy is the result of outside factors and beyond your control. Don't take it personally and try not to take it to heart.

Positive attitude

Keep your mindset positive. Clients don't respond well to freelancers who let situations get on top of them and crumble under pressure. Keep your emotions in check and try to not let stressful situation get on top of you. Remember mistakes are part of the discovery process and to not let hold you back from freelance success.


Start as you mean to go one. Cultivate good habits - rise early, focus on goals daily. Keep distractions to a minimum. If you work at home, keep the tv/radio off. Keep a schedule. Do some form of exercise ( healthy body healthy mind) this helps elevate stress. Deliver ahead of schedule - Say your deadline is in 8 days get use to completing in 6.
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