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News Feed June 24th, 2018
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5 Reasons Why Freelance Designers Need to Blog
1. People buy People

Simply we are all social animals - historically, business has always been done one on one - eye to eye. But not necessarily in big board room or power meetings. Often its in a less formal environment say over a lunch or drink in the pub. Why? because people want to meet the real you and get a sense of what they are about.

The web makes it very easy now for freelancers to find work, Its also giving you the opportunity to share a great deal of your information with potential creative clients. This is the space where they can now get a sense of the real you and what you stand for. Use photos and a portfolio, perhaps even an audio podcast to convey your message. Dont forget to include any client testimonials and reccomendations. Remember less is more..keep it simple and direct them carefully.

2. Portfolio your success

Select your previous clients work carefully -  think about your reader and make it easy for them to see your projects and understand how you worked with it. Break them down into bite size elements and explain why you felt this was successful. Keep it relevant. I know one designer who has 4 sites all tailored to different markets all using different tone styles and designed to resonate with his chosen market. 

3. Write about other peoples work

Demonstrated that you are in-touch with their industry and had a good knowledge on the market. Often if you mention a well respected competitor they will naturally sit up and take notice. Blog about what other designers are doing in this space - offer yourself as an authority on the subject. 

4. Research your market carefully..

Get up 1/2 hour earlier every day - search online for relevant content that will resonate with your clients. 

For example: Say Im a packaging designer.  Last year I designed some new packaging for a cereal company -  So I start my blog on cereal packaging. It chronicles all of the graphic styling, layouts, printing techniques (very sophisticated today)  cardboard dye cuts and papers used. I even includes a section on different types of toys or giveaways offered over the years. (The best one I have seen is a DVD cover mounted on the front of a shredded wheat box!)

Image how this will resonate with your new clients. Instantly they will see your have your sights firmly on the progress of this market and therefore you seem to a design authority figure in this industry.

5. Lead generation is dead..

I remember once I went to a lead generation company to help me find new clients (this was over 8 years ago). This was a fiercely expensive business and often used to take allot of time up meeting unsuitable clients. Companies rarely communicated who and what i offered to the market place. I would usually have to work my tail off to persuade them I was right for the project. 

Years later, I discovered the power of blogs. All of this energy was poured into a tailored content that focused on the clients market. Eventually this has streamlined the process to the point where I now rarely meet the clients face to face. I use Skype for meetings and send digital links/url portfolios during our "face time" online. 
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Date: 6/1/12 3:18:58 P Author: LaurenLK
Thank you for a concise post. How would a blog be generated by a creative just
starting out, with little client contact and or projects. Would a sumerative
piece of other design works and news be just as effective?
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