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News Feed June 18th, 2018
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Elephant Magazine Launch Issue - Marc Valli, Richard Brereton, Studio 8

The past 20 years have seen an increasing polarization of the visual arts with, on the one hand, the art world proper and, on the other, what has so far been known as applied arts or commercial art. This division no longer reflects the reality of the visual art scene. Art galleries are increasingly interested in the work of, for example, designers and illustrators and archi­tects and digital and graffiti artists while, on the other hand, contemporary artists are more than ever happy to engage with the world outside the white walls of museums and art galleries. And it is this space in the middle, with its vibrant culture and endlessly changing ‘scene’, that is the subject of ELEPHANT magazine.

Elephant’s tone of voice is direct, sin­cere and multi-disciplinary. Elephant looks for its ethos in the time before the ‘art world’ and the ‘creative industries’ ruled the world, a time when artists didn’t value their work ac­cording to the auction prices, but by the reaction of their peers to their new ideas. It is time for less cynicism. Outbursts of spontaneity (such as those that gave birth to Futurism, Dadaism and Surrealism) are to be encouraged. Elephant’s approach is unique. In many ways, it is the first genuine visual art magazine. 

Elephant digs deeper, ceaselessly asking and enquiring into creative trends and art movements and innovative techniques. In recent years, creative individuals have started to react against the corporate nature of things, taking initiative into their hands and starting new independent ventures. Elephant looks at how people do that. How do they go about starting a new publish­ing venture? How do they then move from publishing their own comics to featuring them in national newspapers? How do they manage to turn their designs into, for example, a line of exciting contemporary ceramics? How do they turn their personal interests and design skills into hugely popular websites? How do they turn their obsessions into global trends? These questions are particularly relevant as we wake up to this post credit-crunch period. Elephant visits art and design studios, sits by desks, steps on graffiti artists’ toes, disturbs rehearsals and interrupts takes, rides fixed-gear bikes and plays with the latest computer games. The ELEPHANT is always in the room.

Issue 1 highlights:
Peter Saville on Design Vs Art 
Fernando Gutiérrez on how the greatest things come from two people talking
Anton Krupicka on writing & running
Sticks In The Mind: The New Collage Movement
Make Popcorn Online: Art & The Internet 
Wheels & Buttons: How Bikes Are Changing Fashion
Hell Yes: Text, Type, Painting & All
Fire & Ice: New Scandinavian Fashion Designers
Boris Hoppek’s naughty notebooks 
Robert Nicol’s romantic landscapes
How To Start A Publishing Company: Unit Editions
The Making of the New Jesus
Creative City Guide: Things To Do In Sao Paulo When You Are Not Dead, featuring over 50 pages of stunning work by Sao Paulo's hottest artists
Photography by Giles Revell
As well as interviews & features on Matt Pyke (Universal Everything), Rafael Rozendaal, Piet Hein Eek, Adam Kimmel, Casey Vidalenc, Misaki Kawai, Gianpaolo Pagni & many many more...

Edited by Marc Valli (Magma) & Richard Brereton
Design & Art Direction: Studio8 Design
Publisher: Bis (Amsterdam) 
Release date: 24th of October
Bi-annual, 280x 200 mm, 208 pages

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