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News Feed June 18th, 2018
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David Fincher's 'The Goon' Is Up and Running
Back in July, Eric Powell announced that David Fincher would be producing a CG animated movie of The Goon. I think we were all a bit skeptical that the movie would come to pass, given Fincher's notoriously busy plate. But it is actually up and running, and Ain't It Cool News has the first look, which we've reposted here. (Clicking on each photo will give you a hi-res version from AICN.) They're also running a Q&A with Powell, so you really should run over there to ask your deepest, darkest question of the author.

I've only read a few issues of The Goon, but it's one of the most unique series you'll find at a comic shop -- gory, raunchy (the last adventure I read was a memorable hunt for "The Pecker") and really funny. I can't do more than echo AICN's Quint about how cool Frankie and the Goon look as fully rounded people. I can't wait to see some footage, particularly since the director, the voice talent, and the storyline are shrouded in mystery. It hits theaters in 2010, so I imagine this is only the beginning, and that we'll have some surprises in store at ComicCon this year.

Check out a close-up of The Goon after the jump, and I hope some hardcore fans of the series chime on on what they think.
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